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11 Interesting And Horrific Animal Mating Rituals

It is no secret that some people like it rough under the sheets, but these creatures take it to a whole new level. Love-making is typically seen as a special moment in the eyes of humans, but in nature, it can be an all-out battle for survival. Imagine being born for the sole purpose of being used as a baby machine. Some violent animal acts of sex can leave a partner wounded or even killed.

Dolphins Are Opportunistic

Pier Dolphin Cruises

Male bottlenose dolphins like to hang out with their bros and go as far as living in groups of all males. It is normal for male dolphins to form bonds with their male companions in a group. These dolphins can go through homosexual periods in their lives, and there are some that continue this lifestyle for their entire life.

A group of male dolphins will find a female dolphin and have their way with her. If the female refuses and tries to get away, the male dolphins will even resort to violence. The acts of violence include hitting the female with their fins, scratching her with their teeth or trying to belly-flip her. Dolphins are known to have intercourse for pleasure as well as reproduction.

Honeybee Orgy


Male honeybees take the phrase "living to serve" to the fullest extent. The main purpose of male bees is to have intercourse with the queen bee. Even though there are other female worker bees in a hive, they are all sterile. When the time comes to mate, the queen flies out to a place where the drones begin to swarm around her. In mid-air, the drones get a chance to have a special moment with the queen which abruptly ends with them falling to the ground and dying.

Even though thousands of drones are part of the honeybee orgy, only about fourteen or so will share their sperm with the queen. Interestingly, the sperm is then stored and used when her eggs need fertilizing. The collected sperm is enough to last for the rest of the queen’s life, and she does not need to participate in sex ever again. Female bees are produced when the eggs are fertilized and drones are produced when the eggs are unfertilized.

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