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11 Of The Most Bizarre Animal Mating Behaviours In The World

All animals are biologically programmed to ensure the survival of their species by reproducing successfully. However, not all animals mate and breed in the same way. Many animals engage in elaborate rituals to attract the attention of a mate, some have intercourse in seemingly unconventional ways, and others make use of unique reproductive organs. Here are eleven of the most bizarre animal mating behaviors from around the world.

Detachable Penis

Argonauts, a species of octopus, are unique sea creatures that live inside a protective shell. Male argonauts grow to be only a couple of centimeters in length while female argonauts, on the other hand, are around twenty times their size. Because of this difference in size, argonauts have to get creative when it comes to reproducing. Male argonauts have a mind-boggling way of doing this; to successfully mate, they throw a tiny, modified arm-penis containing sperm (known as a hectocotylus) at the female partner. This small external organ then wiggles its way inside the female sac containing her organs to fertilize her eggs. Male argonauts soon die after launching their hectocotylus and mating with a female.

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