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15 Attractive Celebrities Who Sure Know How To Rock A Superhero Costume

Although superheroes have always been popular with children, their movies have attracted a large number of adult fans in recent years. To keep these adults engaged, such franchises as Marvel and DC Comics are doing more than simply continuing the legacy of their old heroes. They have been creating new movies every year. It is no wonder, then, that many adults dress up as superheroes for Halloween, and celebrities are no exception. Here are 15 attractive celebrities who sure know how to rock a superhero costume.

Ciara Calls Up A Storm


Of all the women in the Marvel Universe, Storm is one of the most interesting characters because she can control the weather, which she uses to fight for the greater good. With her ability to create storms in otherwise clear skies and manipulate the winds, her teammates can count on her to lead them into battle and heat things up for their opponents, such as Magneto’s minions. Although Halle Berry currently plays Storm in the Marvel Universe films, she may want to keep an eye out for Ciara, who has dressed up as the character here. Ciara is a talented musician who has won both video and music awards, including three MTV Video Music Awards, three MOBO Awards, three BET Awards, and a Grammy Award.

Adrianne Curry Takes On Wonder Woman


Few women can carry off the Wonder Woman vibe. After all, Wonder Woman is an Amazon Princess who is not only strong, flexible, and powerful but also gorgeous and motivated by love. And to top it all off, she has amazing armour: gauntlets that cannot be destroyed, an impenetrable shield, and a golden lariat that compels people to tell the truth. These characteristics make her a female character most women can appreciate. In addition to having a kickass costume and enviable features, however, Wonder Woman shows women that they can be more than just housewives. Adrianne Curry, a model who earned her fame as the winner of America’s Next Top Model, did a great job of serving as a hero to the world with her interpretation of Wonder Woman.

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