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Khloe Kardashian Claps Back On Hate For Working Out While Six Months Pregnant

While the Kardashians are no strangers to rumors and tabloids, The Khloe Kardashian pregnancy rumor was put to rest after the reality star revealed last week she was 6-months along and would be having a Spring baby. Khloe said that keeping the news quiet was vital to her and boyfriend Tristan Thompson, ensuring they could enjoy the news between their family and close friends before making a public announcement.  Sharing the news was a big moment, but Khloe is facing backlash over hitting the gym while being pregnant.

Baby Bump Fever


Khloe shared the news last week via a baby bump picture on Instagram and told fans:"My greatest dream realized! We are having a baby! I had been waiting and wondering,  but God had a plan all along. He knew what He was doing. I simply had to trust in Him and be patient. I still at times can't believe that our love created life! Tristan, thank you for loving me the way that you do! Thank you for treating me like a Queen! Thank you for making me feel beautiful at all stages! Tristan, most of all, Thank you for making me a MOMMY!!! You have made this experience even more magical than I could have envisioned! I will never forget how wonderful you've been to me during this time! Thank you for making me so happy my love! Thank you to everyone for the love and positive vibes!"

The annual Kardashian Christmas Eve party was the perfect event for Khloe to show off the growing baby bump. It was the first time the reality star was seen after announcing the exciting news. All eyes were on Khloe as she posed with Kim Kardashian and other family members while making sure her bump was on full display.

Even though Khloe has officially confirmed her pregnancy, internet trolls are not giving it a rest. While most people have been showering the mom-to-be with love, some people are slamming the star on her daily workout routine and how it could affect the health of her baby. The reality star had to clap back at followers after being criticized for her intense workouts days after confirming she was six months pregnant. Khloe took to Twitter to let haters know she was not about to let the haters get her down.

“For the ones who think they are physicians all of a sudden… MY doctor and I communicate, and my workouts are cleared and highly recommended, Thanks kiddos!” the 33-year-old tweeted. She also shared a link to an article on the benefits of exercising while pregnant.

Khloe shared a video of herself working out with sister Kourtney on social media and fans went wild over the grueling gym session. The reality star then threatened to stop sharing an inside look at her life. "Don't make me stop sharing s***, she said.

It wasn't all hate on social media; the youngest Kardashian sister also got a lot of love and encouragement to continue her workouts. According to online reports, Khloe wants to get right back into shape after giving birth and serve as inspiration for other moms with similar goals. It is reported that while the star is working out, she's toned down the intensity and will get back into full beast mode after giving birth.

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