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10 Bizarre Things Found In The Desert

Deserts are often home to many intriguing and exciting discoveries. Archeologists and scientists routinely search deserts for artifacts and generally know what they can expect to find in a particular location. For instance, if they are in a desert in Egypt, they are most likely to discover a pyramid or two. However, sometimes they make bizarre and unexpected discoveries. Check out this list of mysterious desert discoveries that have left many people in awe.

A Spiral Cone Pattern

Strange Sounds

A clearly defined spiral pattern of cone shapes was found in Egypt near the shores of the Red Sea. Several Internet users stumbled upon this image on Google Maps in 2014. To some people, the pattern looks like a landing area for an extraterrestrial spacecraft. It is, however, an environmental art installation. Since it was built in 1997, many tourists have wondered about this massive piece of artwork (approximately 100,000 square metres). Stella Constantinides, Alexandra Stratou, and Danae Stratou teamed up to design and construct this piece, which is called the Desert Breath. The creators, who have a keen eye for symmetry, originally designed the stunning art piece with a small lake in the centre. But as time passed, the sand slowly covered the cone-shaped hills.

A Huge Burial Boat

Popular Mechanics

It is common practice for ancient Egyptian royals to include their vehicles in their tombs. For instance, the grave of King Tut has six chariots in it. The elites, on the other hand, preferred placing boats in their tombs. Even members of the peasant class did their best to have boats, albeit inexpensive ones, interred in their tombs. But the large boat found buried under the Saharan desert was owned by only a commoner. The archeologists were curious when they discovered it and have speculated about how a peasant was able to afford a boat made of high-quality wood and have it placed in his or her grave. When it was unearthed, the boat was still relatively intact. The desert sand preserved the sixty-foot wooden boat for more than 4,500 years.

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