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17 Unsettling Facts That Will Freak You Out

Either by curiosity or as part of education, people are constantly acquiring random facts. While some are not particularly interests, others are so bizarre that they wished they had never learned it in the first place. When one website asked their readers to share random and creepy facts they knew of, they might not have been expecting what came from it. From disgusting to terrifying facts, here is a list that is sure to stick in your mind.

Zombie Rats

Fine Art America

There is a parasite found in cat feces which can control rats' minds if they eat it. Toxoplasma gondii changes a rat's brain function, making them attracted by the smell of cat urine, which makes it easier for the cat to find and catch them. The behavior change happens as early as three weeks after infection, but researchers do not know exactly how it works. This parasite can only reproduce in the guts of cats, so its behavior directly affects its own survival. The T. gondii also affect humans but in a different way. It affects our immune system, so it is advisable that pregnant women do not come in contact with cat feces. Although the parasite has been linked with mental health, it does not explain the crazy cat ladies on the internet.

The Dancing Plague

Sternberg Clarke

In July 1518, a woman known as Frau Troffea stepped into the streets of Strasbourg and began to dance. A week went by before she was joined by about three-dozen of people, and by August, the dancing had claimed as about 400 victims. A stage was built for professional dancers and bands were hired to play music while the craze lasted. Local physicians could not find an explanation for the event other than blaming it on a fever. Some people collapse due to exhaustion, others had strokes and heart-attacks. It is shown on 16th-century historical records along with other similar occurrences in Germany, Switzerland, and Holland, but none were as deadly as the Dancing Plague of Strasbourg.

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