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The 10 Most Interesting Brothels And Bordellos In The World

Selling sex may not be legal all over the world, but that certainly does not mean that it never happens. It is often said, in fact, that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession – and today, there are more unique forms of prostitution than you could possibly imagine. Since the dawn of time, men (and women) have sought out sexual services from professionals. In this unbelievable list, most brothels and bordellos offer not only sex, but also a wide range of unique sexual experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. Here, we rank the 10 coolest brothels and bordellos, from #10 all the way down to #1. You’re sure to be shocked by at least a few of these!



Stiletto offers an extravagant interior with 2-story waterfalls and stylish rooms that are designed with sheer luxury and comfort in mind. The website boasts, “world-class facilities to entertain your every occasion. You can be King, or Mr. President – for an entire night, or just a few hours. From the moment you arrive, your world changes.” Indeed, Stiletto allows you to let your wildest dreams come true and offers unique ways to let go of your every inhibition. Famous for its themed rooms and suites, you can choose from themes such as James Bond, Betty Boob, Kama Sutra, Voyeur, and even a Roman Orgy room, which contains a giant freshwater plunge pool. To top it off, visitors then select the perfect girl to help them bring their fantasies to life.


The Naked Anthropologist

The Pascha is downright massive, coming in at 12 stories and a whopping 29,000 square feet. Located in Cologne, Germany, it’s the largest brothel in Europe by a long shot. With roughly 120 prostitutes working, many can typically found sitting outside of their rooms to negotiate with potential customers who are wandering the many long hallways. Some of the women even live out of their rooms, while others simply rent a room to utilize for their work. Pascha is open 24 hours a day, and customers pay an entrance fee of 5 Euros before then negotiating directly with the women. Unlike some other brothels, the women here work independently and keep all of their money. One floor is reserved for low-cost service while another is exclusively for transsexual prostitutes. Pascha also boasts a nightclub, multiple bars, and a separate club-style brothel on the top floor.

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