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Cadbury Launches New Creme Egg Flavor and It’s Amazing

Shortly after Cadbury announced a change to its infamous Creme Egg recipe, the popular chocolate confectionary company released some new flavors inside the eggs. While some loyal fans of the original sweet, creamy treat were disappointed, other chocolate fans are welcoming the change. In 2015, Cadbury stopped using Dairy Milk chocolate in its Creme Eggs in favor of a less expensive alternative. The company subsequently suffered a significant financial loss but is attempting to make a comeback in time for Easter.

The new Oreo Eggs have none of the gooey filling in sight, but instead, the outer chocolate casing is packed with cookie bits and Oreo icing. Instead of tin foil wrapping, the new eggs are packaged in plastic shells to prevent damage. Social media lit up after the product launch. Fans were anxious to get their hands on the treats and spread the word with Tweets such as, “Oreo flavored creme eggs? Shut up and take my money!!” and “This is a thing. This is an actual thing, and I need them in my life.” Others were not as impressed, and the lack of Dairy Milk chocolate in the Creme Eggs had them taking their gripes straight to the company’s Facebook page.

One follower said, “Had to change the recipe to a cheaper Chocolate. Serves you right for trying to cheat your loyal customers! Hope you go out of business for your GREEDY ways!!!” and other added, “I just bought 3 Cadbury eggs and thought it did not taste the same or as good as before…I go read on the internet that the formula has changed… HA! So I was not crazy then. Well, tell you what? IT SUCKS, IT TASTE CHEAP, AND I WON’T BUY ANYMORE EVER AGAIN.”

One long-time fan asked the company to revert to its original recipe, saying, “American candy chocolate is not chocolate, and there is no place for it in the Cadburys Creme Egg! I demand that you restore this national treasure to its prior glory and use only Cadburys Dairy Milk.” Shortly after, another change came; this time to the product name. It seems the company’s marketing efforts to acquire a wider customer base did not prove popular either. Cadbury took the word Easter out of Creme Egg, which leads to some people claiming they will no longer purchase the chocolate.

Again social media lit up with posts such as, “If Cadbury has taken the word Easter out of your cream eggs because of political correctness. Then I have bought my last chocolate from your company. Remember it was Easter that started it all for you. I’m so disappointed.” Along with this current Oreo Egg, Cadbury released other Easter products, including the Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon Oreo. The new Oreo eggs made their first appearance in stores in the UK and Canada in 2016 and are being made available in the US in early 2017.

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