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Freeze Your Brain And Use It In A Future Body. Heres How

Are you willing to pay around £10,000 to freeze your brain in a lab, and then have it implanted into a new body in the future?

Believe it or not, some people have decided to pay the KrioRus firm up to £29,200 to have their brains and bodies frozen when they die. This might be ideal for the elderly and terminally ill patients who can attempt to be revived one day when nanotechnology advances permit it. As a matter of fact, the number of people who are interested is increasing.

The New Cryogenics Craze

The Russian company says they take pride in offering cost-effective service compared to those laboratories in America, maybe because of its communal approach to storage. Neuropreservation, for instance, will cost £9,750 while preserving a big dog is approximately £20,000. Cryonic freezing of a little cat, on the other hand, is priced at £8,234. As of now, KrioRus has 52 brains or bodies in their giant storage flasks. Corpses are placed in sleeping bags, not in metal containers.

“Neuropreservation is an option for those who appreciate that the human personality – according to the modern scientific view – resides in his brain, and those who expect that in the future a new body, complete with working organs, limbs and everything else, can be grown from stem cells fabricated artificially for the revival of cryopatients,” the company has clarified in its statement.

A New Life

Cryonics is the comprehensive process of preserving a dead body in a pristine condition and using ultra-cool liquid nitrogen. Robert Ettinger, a Michigan professor, first proposed the idea in the 1960s in his book The Prospect of Immortality. He explained that death could be a reversible process.

The KrioRus firm believes that after several decades or centuries, technology will allow the brains to be transplanted – along with its thoughts – into a new body.  Perhaps for many, this concept is a sci-fi nightmare. For others, though, it is a big step towards eternal life. No wonder more and more people are putting their trust and money into the promise of cryogenic freezing. After all, the company has insisted that there is no time limit as to when its patients can be defrosted. Thanks to science, it will always find a way.

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