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These 8 Bad Habits Are Killing Your Productivity

Everyone has bad habits that he or she develops, with some people having more issues than others. However, giving into these patterns can lead to a loss of productivity in the long run. Not only do these bad habits slow down different tasks and goals, but they can also distract from getting work done. Some habits are worse than others, but it is important to take notice of each habit and break them as quickly as possible. Learn how to get a hold of these bad habits and decrease them one by one to improve day-to-day life.

8. Using Technology

You may not realize it but this habit can have a devastating effect not only on productivity levels but on sleep patterns as well. The short wave blue light from a cell phone makes a huge difference in mood and sleep levels due to the sunlight in the morning. High concentrations of blue light can decrease the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. By evening, the brain will not expect this blue light to appear, and it will be very sensitive when it does. When looking at a cell phone, laptop, or television screen, there is a blue light that shines brightly in your face, so to gain proper sleep you should decrease your exposure. Getting a good night’s sleep and getting plenty of rest are keys to being as productive as possible.

7. The Internet

It is a fact that it takes 15 minutes of pure focus on a task before being fully engaged. Once this is achieved, you can fully concentrate on the task at hand and fall into a state of maximum productivity. This productivity is called "flow," and studies show that if you are in this flow, you are more productive than someone who is not. Surfing the internet, checking a cell phone, or turning the television on, even for a quick moment, can disrupt this flow and pull you out of it entirely. Every time this happens; another 15 minutes have to be spent to get back into this flow.

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