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10 Innocent Things You Didn’t Know Reveal Shocking Amounts of Information About You

Living in the digital age where almost everything we need can be accessed from our smart devices may seem like a major convenience, however, the amount of information that exists online about us is borderline creepy. If you choose to be online, whether it is to send e-mails or search for directions, your digital footprint makes it easy to find out almost anything about who you are, from your sexual orientation to whether you are the type of person to default on a loan.

Netflix Can Tell If You Are Gay

Netflix has nearly 100 million subscribers worldwide, which means there is a ton of data about what people have watched and what they may want to watch next. In 2009, a contest Netflix hosted called for competitors to make recommendations of what users should watch next based on their previous choices. After cross referencing the data Netflix gave to competitors with other online sources, there was a clear algorithm that revealed the identities of the Netflix users, in addition to their sexual orientation and political leanings. One customer ended up suing Netflix when competitors revealed she was gay, which was something she had never even disclosed to her family. The best way to keep this information to yourself is to randomize your viewing choices and ratings.

Cat Owners Tend To Be Left Leaning

The question of whether you are a cat or dog person can be highly polarizing with people usually having a strong opinion one way or the other. But did you know, it can also divide people politically? A questionnaire posed to 220,192 participants revealed consistent results connecting seemingly unrelated things to be a useful indicator of where people sat on the political spectrum. For instance, people who preferred cats to dogs tended to be more liberal. People on the other hand, who kept their desks and workspaces very neat and organized, tended to hold conservative views. So if you are curious as to who your neighbors are voting for in the next election, check out their workspace and pets to make an educated guess.

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