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23 Surprising Facts About Workers In Sex Toy Shops

When people think of sex toy store, the first image that often comes to mind is a tiny store in the corner of a mall that is lit with neon lights and has dildos hanging from the ceiling tiles. Many people also assume that the store’s employees work there by day and make money as strippers by night. All stereotypes exist for a reason, but this does not mean they are an accurate reflection of reality. In fact, some people may be surprised to learn just how tame sex toy stores really are. Here are 23 surprising facts that employees of sex toy stores wish people knew.

No Prejudice

Time Out

There is no ‘type’ of person who buys sex toys, just like there is no single type of pleasure he or she is seeking. People who buy sex toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, much like the vibrators or dildos they buy. People do not have to be perverted or even kinky to enjoy a sex toy. There are many reasons why people buy them, and the employees of sex toy shops welcome anybody who is looking for ways to spice up their love life. They see people of every size, age, sexuality, and experience level; these characteristics do not matter to them. Sex toy store employees do not judge. It is their job to simply help people find the right product.

Seriously, No Prejudice


Just like there is no ‘type’ of person who buys sex toys, there is no ‘type’ of person who sells them. Sex toy store employees vary in size, age, sexuality, and gender. What they share is a desire to do their job to the best of their abilities. Yes, every so often, an employee of a sex toy store does fit the stereotype of a kinky, loose individual. However, some employees are simply students who are trying to make money to pay for school. Others are people who are trying to save some extra money for retirement. Just as they do not judge their customers, they hope their customers will not judge them either. All people have their own story, and they have the right to be respected for the job they do.

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