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23 Things That Are Just Too Real About Student Life

How many cups of coffee or cans of red-bull has a student had today? Sleepless nights? Mid-class naps? Questionable diets? Creative resources? Impossible schedules? They have all been there and done that. Students everywhere live a less than glamorous life, and whether they are in college or university, the occurrences we are about to share are undoubtedly things that every student will relate to.

All Nighter

When the year starts, students promise themselves that they will stick to a schedule in order to avoid stressful situations such as these, but a couple of months down the line, this is not a rare scene. "The assignment is due in three weeks, I have plenty of time," they tell themselves, but before they know it, the three weeks have gone by and they have twenty four hours to get it done. Nothing that an all nighter at the library won't fix, right? Yes, it might take countless cups of coffee to keep them up, but they pull it through and voila, the assignment is ready just in time! Now they must decide which lecture they can afford to miss while taking a nap.

Vending Machines

While we are at it, how much of their diet consists of vending machine food? When most of their time is spent at the library catching up on things that they should have already done, running to a shop or to the cafeteria would take up too much of the precious time that they cannot afford to waste, and that is exactly what vending machines are there for. Their starter is a not-so-healthy energy bar, followed by a pack of chips for main, and a chocolate bar for dessert, and since they will probably be there for breakfast, why not also add a pop-tart? If their library doesn't have a good vending machine, they may not be provided with the best kind of food or one of your five a day, but hey, at least the sugar keeps them going!

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