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33 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Capture What It Is Like To Be A Nurse

Nurses have difficult jobs. They must work long shifts while caring for patients, following the instructions of doctors, and completing lots of paperwork. In addition to coping with the physical demands of their job, they must also deal with the psychological toll of constantly being around people who are very ill or dying. As a result, although popular myths claim that nursing is simple work, it is clear that it is far from being an easy occupation. Check out these thirty-three memes, some of which have been written by nurses themselves, that provide humourous insight into the day and life of nurses.

Nurses Sometimes Feel Like They Have No Control


Nurses do not have much control over the hours they work or the shifts they take. They are constantly at the beck and call of ill patients. Some of these potential stressors are part of the job and cannot be eliminated, but many nurses feel a lack of control for other reasons. For example, some nurses go through a stressful day feeling detached from coworkers and frustrated because of a lack of emotional support. Nurses, as caregivers, may believe they have to cope with their struggles silently. As a result, they can feel pressured to remain detached from patients and keep moving along. They may also feel as though their hard work is not appreciated. For this reason, at various points throughout their careers, nurses may wind up feeling like the guy in this picture.

Nursing School Is A Lot Tougher Than Expected


Nursing school prepares students to help save lives. The life of a person may literally be in a nurse's hands, so nurses need to be well-equipped to deal with any situation that may arise. They have to be prepared to resuscitate a person, administer strong drugs, perform physical exams, and educate patients and their families. Nursing students have to learn a large volume of information, facts, terms, concepts, and practical skills. They also have to be good at reasoning and finding solutions to complicated problems quickly. Effective time management and strong self-awareness are also critical for enabling them to handle high-stakes situations. Nursing school is very challenging for these reasons. Do not pay attention when someone says it is easy.

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