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5 Tips to Help You Beat the Holiday Blues

Sadly, many people find themselves so depressed around the holidays that they are unable to enjoy time with their families. Others might find themselves away from family or without the means to enjoy the holidays in other ways. More people suffer through the holiday blues than you might realize, but there are ways that can help you you to avoid this feeling. You just might find that you are able to recognize the deeper meaning behind this time of year and experience the beauty of the holidays more effectively when you follow a few tips to beat the holiday blues.

5. Find Your Happy Place

No matter how much you have waiting for you underneath the Christmas tree, material things aren’t likely to make you happy. Despite the fact that material objects almost never lead to happiness, year after year, we strive to delight others with the gifts that we give.

Instead of seeking happiness from the latest technology or from a decadent perfume, find it instead in the things that matter. Look for it in the family that surrounds you, no matter what the dynamic might be, or from the home that you live in, even if it’s not the house of your dreams.

Christmas and the holidays are a great time to remember what you’re grateful for, so as you look around and take in the moments, be grateful for everything that you have. Life isn’t a gift that is perfectly wrapped in a bow, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t beauty to it. Don’t take for granted what your family and what all the things in your life mean to you as you attempt to see beyond marketing ploys and consumerism. Just be happy for the time together with your family and for the time away from work to enjoy the kinds of special moments that can last a lifetime.

This Old Heart Blog
This Old Heart Blog

4. Be More Social

If you know that you typically feel lonely during the holidays, prepare to get a little more social. This doesn't mean through social media, however, because sitting in front of the computer on Christmas Eve breeds only breeds more loneliness.

Instead, get connected on a person-to-person basis with a close friend or with a group of people, depending on your preferences. For example, when young people work in a ski resort, they often come together on Christmas Day to celebrate, and in that way, you become a part of a new family and forge new traditions in the process.

The opportunity to meet new friends over the holidays is abundant, as there are many people in your area that may have family visiting, and coming together with them is a way to make the best out of time away from your own family. As a way to alleviate the sadness of not being with your own family, you might invite others over and have your own holiday party. You can even organize a bake-off where a few of your friends visit and make different Christmas baked goods.

The holiday season offers a great opportunity both to make new friends and to contact old ones, because remembering to connect with friends helps to create a warm feeling in your heart. There is no reason to feel isolated and alone over the holidays, so seek out the opportunity to make connections and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

 Sherry Blair Institute
Sherry Blair Institute

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