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7 Household Items Every Woman Needs To Get Rid of Right Now

So you have decided to make way for a safer, cleaner, and happier home. But the thing is, just one look at all of the clutter makes you cringe with uncertainty and dread. You are probably wondering how could you ever part with all of this stuff when it all has such emotional value. Letting go of sentimental items can be complicated, but the harsh reality is, living in a cluttered home can be damaging to your health and affect your relationship with those around you. Don’t worry; you can get this under control. For starters, this article lists the everyday things cluttering your home that you need to get rid of, immediately.

Those Piles Of Papers

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Go through your house and pick up all loose papers, whether it is in the kitchen, bedroom, storage room or junk drawer. Then, figure out what paperwork is of physical value such as credit card statements, mortgage papers, savings account statements, health insurance, car insurance, and any current year tax receipts. No need to hold onto years worth of user guides, owner’s manuals, and expired warranty paperwork. When you have stack after stack and box after box of papers to deal with, sorting and getting rid of them seems like a daunting task, but it can still be done. Start by dividing larger stacks into smaller piles, then sorting through each pile individually, this will make the workload seem lighter. As a result, you will dispose of a lot of paper so be ready and prepare those extra large trash containers.

That God Awful Couch

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In every cluttered home there is one piece of furniture begging to be taken to the dump. It's old, it stinks, your friends laugh at you for having it and even you wonder why it's still sitting there. Perhaps it's because you got it for a good price or that you still need it as extra seating for your not-so-thankful party guests. Even if it is no longer appealing to the eyeballs, you are constantly coming up with reasons to keep it. Instead of being that person, determine what is stopping you from throwing in the polyester. The sentiment of an old couch may be nice, but it is just taking up space. If you do not want to donate it, try to sell it and see if you are able to make some cash off of it (as this could mean an upgrade!).

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