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7 Ways to Impress Your Husband’s Boss at the Christmas Party

So, you’ve received an invitation to attend your husband’s annual work Christmas party. This can be intimidating. However, this year will be different. You will stand out as the beautiful, elegant, confident woman you are. Most of all, you’re going to make the boss absolutely adore you.

We might sound like we’re preaching the impossible, but we promise you, you’re probably over complicating the process. In fact, it can be broken into seven simple steps, as presented in this article. Here’s to rocking around the Christmas tree with confidence this year… and perhaps even making your husband feel like the luckiest man in the world.

7. Dress to Impress

This one is kind of obvious, but also something that should never be overlooked.

When we know we look good, we just feel better about ourselves in general. You ladies in particular feel classier, more elegant, and loads more confident. That confidence is key to impressing your husband’s boss and coworkers.

Pull out that dress you’ve reserved for fancy occasions, slip on some heels, and spend a couple hours primping yourself in the bathroom, if need be. If the work party is set to be super formal, don’t shy away from having your hair and make-up done professionally.

If you happen to have a red dress, choose that over the classic little black dress. Not only will it fit the festive theme, but studies also show that men are more attracted to women when they’re wearing red.

 CDN 24
CDN 24

6. Compliment the Venue

Studies actually prove that receiving a compliment gives off the same positive effect that receiving cash does. Like cash, compliments motivate us to do whatever encouraged that compliment in the first place. So, it’s basically like handing your husband’s boss a Christmas bonus.

Now, aiming compliments toward your husband's boss directly could make things a little awkward. Your husband could get jealous, and his boss might feel as if he’s stuck in a weird position because of that. Instead, get your friendly, yet poised, persona across by complimenting something related to your husband’s boss, but not too closely related. As the headline of this tip reads, you could compliment the venue. Alternatively, you could compliment the food or how beautiful the boss' wife looks.

 Guides for Brides
Guides for Brides

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