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7 Ways to Outshine Your Mother-in-Law with Holiday Spirit

Christmas time is the merriest season of them all. There’s memorable, sing-song music, joyful children, and copious amounts of food almost everywhere you go.

However, it does not come without challenges. Holiday shopping is a hefty task, and someone has to put forth the labor to prepare all that food.

Yet, the most challenging factor of all still lies within the in-laws. For the ladies out there, mothers-in-law in particular can be especially hard to handle.

Here’s your survival guide to keeping your Holiday spirits soaring high, despite your mother-in-law’s efforts (whether calculated or accidental) to dampen your mood.


7) Bake Christmas Cookies

Many a mother-in-law doubts her son’s wife’s ability to run a household. It’s likely yours raised her family in a generation where the women stayed at home to handle all the chores, cooking, and holiday decorating.

Times have changed, however. Now, you most likely work outside of the home, while you and your husband share the household duties. From your mother-in-law’s perspective, this could make you seem lazy or incompetent. It’s definitely an unfair assessment, but it’s also understandable if you put yourself in her shoes. She raised her family differently than you did, and it’s important to remember that’s okay.

To instantly curb those negative thoughts of hers, bake a few batches of traditional Christmas cookies and leave them out for her to see. Make them unique, creative, and undeniably delicious. Not only will you be showing that you are a capable woman in the old-fashioned sense, but baking can also be quite therapeutic and may help put you in a jolly mood before your extended family walks through the door. Plus, some sugar may even bring out the sweet side in your mother-in-law. Contrary to popular belief, they certainly all have one!

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