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8 Ways People Have Taken Weight Loss To The Extreme

Summer is finally here, and this means everyone is going to be busy. Apart from planning that much-needed getaway, this season also comes with a lot of hype around fitness and diet fads. Of course, those who will hit the beach want to flaunt an incredible figure. So there will always be a few shocking and bizarre get-slim-quick methods used during this time of year. There is nothing wrong if people want to do something risky that will make them feel better about themselves. It is important, however, to do it with caution. This article lists some of the most extreme weight loss trends people use to tackle those extra pounds and stay healthy.

Nasogastric Dripping Tube Insertion

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Some women have discovered how to lose unwanted fat without forcing their body into starvation. This is where the nose feeding tube diet comes in. To drop some pounds, some women are opting to install a small nasogastric dripping tube. The K-E diet or Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet was developed by Dr. Oliver di Pietro. The quick yet drastic weight loss procedure involves putting food (a solution that contains a combination of fat, protein, and water) through the nose. A few hours of this may help someone lose up to twenty pounds in just ten days. A patient can slowly lose weight because of a lack of carbohydrates. The diet helps burn fat without affecting the water and muscles in the body. For greater results, the individual must not eat anything for ten days.

Getting Daily Injections Of Urine

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Some people are willing to go far just to lose some weight. The latest trend is daily urine injections. It is reported that one woman lost approximately forty-three pounds in five months by injecting herself with urine, which came from pregnant women, every day while on a calorie-restriction diet. A six-week supply costs around $300 to $565. A weight loss expert clarified that it is not the urine itself that helped the woman shed some pounds. Instead, a hormone present in the urine makes the brain think the woman is pregnant. The expert explained that the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which is made by the placenta, increases the body's metabolism.

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