Lovestruck Toddler Pushes His Luck with Hugs – WaitUp

Lovestruck Toddler Pushes His Luck with Hugs

Wouldn’t the world be a brighter place if we could all exchange a few more hugs?

Little Will was encouraged to cuddle his cute companion, and he was met with enthusiasm as she returned the adorable embrace. While she appears somewhat underwhelmed by the experience, Will thinks it’s the greatest moment of all time and kicks his feet in a delighted dance.

He enjoys the hug so much that he goes in for a second one, which serves to further elate him. Meanwhile, the little girl shows a confused expression, as if to say, “What’s gotten into THAT guy?”

A third hug? A fourth hug? Why not? Except by this point, when the young lady sees how happy he is as he puts his toddler arms around her, perhaps she’s just being polite.

Eventually, though, she has had all the hugs she can handle. However, Will takes it like a champ and celebrates anyway.

Send this video to anyone who could use a hug, or who would get a giggle from it.

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