10 Gross Reasons To Not Share Your Bed With Your Dog


Telling man’s best friend to sleep on the floor is difficult to do. Dogs are cute, affectionate and lovable but they can also carry germs, ticks, fleas and even bacterial infections that can be passed on to you. Your bedding also makes a perfect place for your dog to track fecal matter. Aside from the ones just mentioned, here are some more gross reasons why you may want to stick to your guns on this one and ban your pooch from the bed.

10. Shedding

Even though they are cute, dogs can leave a trail of fur behind wherever they sleep. Their fur is not only confined to your bed. Think about where you keep your clothes. Chances are if your dresser is anywhere near your bed, you will be walking around covered in dog hair all day. Encourage your dog to sleep on its bed where they are free to shed on their own private mattress!

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