Cute Play Fight Between Dalmatian and Kitten


Lady the Daring Dalmatian and Squirt the Cantankerous Kitten are engaging in one of the most adorable play fights you’ve ever seen! These two little fur balls are expressing their friendship in a humorous way, by rolling around on the floor in one of their favorite games.

Although it may seem a bit dangerous, the duo are actually the best of friends. While Squirt paws at Lady’s face, the compassionate canine gently nips back. The two also take turns bopping each other on the nose and deflecting frisky chomps. At one point, you can even hear Squirt purring; he’s obviously having a great time messing around with his buddy!

Do you have pets who like to play fight with one another? See how your four-legged friends compare to these two, then be sure to share it with your fellow pet lovers!