Giant Dog Comforts Sick Toddler


When young Sierra stays home sick from school, she has a wonderful nurse to take care of her: a giant Newfoundland dog named Sebastian. Watch this video to see this gentle giant as a sweet and patient caretaker.

Sierra starts out by giving Sebastian his own toy to sleep with, when they’re ready to take a nap. Sierra’s mom, who’s filming the sweet encounter, tells her daughter that Sebastian is thankful for his toy. She then lets Sierra know that it’s time to take a nap, because she has a cough and isn’t feeling well. Sierra says okay, but not before she tells Sebastian that she loves him, and hears it in return, via Mom.

Mom tells Sierra again that it’s nap time. It takes her a moment, but Sierra finally agrees, then snuggles up close to Sebastian, even though she’s “still not tired!”

We wish all pets could be this loving! Check out this video, and share it with your fellow pet owners.