Heroic Labrador Rescues Two Other Dogs Trapped in Canoe


Dogs are capable of almost anything when they put their minds to it, which is something that becomes obvious when watching the footage below.

After a strong gust of wind threatens to blow a wooden canoe away, two dogs decide to jump in to stop it. What they didn’t bargain for was the canoe then floating away in the strong current, with the two canines finding themselves trapped inside. They bark and cry to draw some attention to their plight, as it’s obvious that they’re both quite scared.

Several onlookers spot the canoe floating down the stream, but they aren’t quite sure how to help. A black Labrador retriever also sees that his fellow dogs are trapped, so he decides to do something about it. He first jumps into the stream to try to rescue the dogs, and though he initially struggles a bit due to the fast current, both his strong swimming and the current eventually bring the canoe closer to him. In a quick bit of thinking, one of the dogs in the canoe throws the Labrador a rope, which he grabs onto and uses to pull the canoe to safety. The bystanders on shore can’t believe their eyes as they call out encouragement to the heroic dog.

Watch the video for yourself and be sure to share it with fellow dog lovers who are sure to enjoy the bravery on display.