Horse and Dog Enjoy a Snow-Covered Day Together


It may be a grey and windy day, but the horse and the dog in the footage below aren’t about to let that dampen their spirits.

Chico the horse and Loki the dog are best friends who live in Walsall in the United Kingdom, and after the first snowfall of the season, the pair takes the opportunity to explore the snow together. After running in the snow for a bit, Loki changes his mind for a brief moment and decides instead to roll around in the fluffy, white powder. When Chico returns, however, the pup attempts to rouse his equine friend back into the game.

Despite the blustery wind, they run around some more, and by the end of their playtime, Loki has become quite the snow-covered little canine. He also seems a bit tired, but he and Chico have surely enjoyed their fun day together.

Check out this sweet clip to enjoy the wonderful friendship between what seems like an unlikely pair of pals, and then share it with your own animal-loving friends as a way to brighten their day.