Malamute and Baby Bond


Here’s a very sweet video, showing the loving friendship between two unlikely creatures: an extremely large Alaskan Malamute dog, and a four-month-old baby!

Evo is an Alaskan Malamute who must have a lot of patience. Here he is with his little buddy, four-month-old Adam. The two have been friends for awhile, as evidenced by the sweet way Evo cares for Adam.

We come upon the pair spending a little quality time together. Evo is extremely comfortable in his caretaker status, with his head perched on Adam’s chair, watching over the tiny tot. Despite a few tiny kicks to the face, Evo is completely unperturbed and seems too content (or perhaps lazy) to move. He eventually begins to give Adam’s feet some kisses!

Check out this video to witness this sweet moment between friends, proof that all kinds of animals can be best buddies!