Rescue Kitten Bonds with the Family Dog


Dogs and cats living together. It’s like mass hysteria as a sweet little rescue kitten seems to find a new friend in an adorable Pomeranian dog, with the story of how the two become so close being a touching one.

Pancho the kitten was abandoned by his mother, and when a caring family found him alone with his eyes closed, they took him in, fed him and nursed him back to health. Pancho adapted quickly to his new home, but among those in Pancho’s new family is Jinxy, a Pomeranian. Perhaps surprisingly, it seems that the two animals quickly became fast friends.

As we see in the footage below, Pancho enjoys climbing all over Jinxy, who seems to be very patient with the kitten, especially considering that he’s supposed to be a cat’s mortal enemy. The little kitty showers Jinxy with kisses and nips, and at one point, he even puts his paw right in the dog’s eye. For his part, Jinxy fortunately seems unfazed by it all.

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