Rescued Dog Meets Bed for the First Time and Loves it


We’re all familiar with that feeling of being so exhausted, we just can’t wait to crash into our mattresses.

Well, imagine you’ve never had a bed, and had been sleeping on surfaces much less comfortable for a long while. This 7-year-old rescued bull terrier, Millie, can’t hide how excited she is to finally have her own soft space to snuggle into.

She wraps herself firmly into a blanket, although it’s hard to ascertain whether this is intentional or just a tangled result of her enthusiastic maneuvers. Whatever the case, Millie loves it and just can’t seem to get enough. We wish Millie many cozy nights in the future!

Send this to anyone who already owns a silly dog, or anyone who may be considering adopting a new pup. Millie was available from Pibbles and More Animal Rescue in New York state.