8 Ways to Shut Out the Naysayers


So, you’ve made a courageous decision to do you. Good for you! While going out on your own is quite exciting, it can also be very intimidating. And those people who question your risky maneuver? Well, they make it all the more intimidating. Here are eight fool-proof ways to shut out the haters. You can’t afford to have anyone standing in your way, after all.

8. Sign Off Social Media

Stop letting the world know about your every move. People are prone to be judgmental and insanely critical technologically, when in all reality they probably aren’t.

Also, it is far too easy to compare yourself to others while you scroll down your news feed.

It’s easy to forget that people are putting their best online (and often fudging the truth to make their reality look even better).

It’s easy to become discouraged when you’re constantly comparing your life to others’ lives. Just take a deep breath and step away from the screen. It’s no one’s business but yours how you’re approaching life.

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