Watch How a Homeless Man Spends $100


We hope you have a tissue handy, as this touching and inspirational video might make you shed a tear or two – it certainly did for us!

YouTuber Josh Paler Lin decided to try a little experiment, in order to see if preconceived notions about homeless people hold true. He found a man named Thomas, begging for money on a busy street. Josh gives Thomas $100 in cash, and then follows the man to see what he does with it. The result may surprise you – in certainly surprised Josh and his camera man!

They follow the man, as he walks to a liquor store, and comes out with a very full bag. He then walks and finds more homeless people and gives them.. food! Josh is so touched by Thomas’s actions, that he rushes up to talk to him again, and asks what he’s doing. Thomas shares the circumstances of how he became homeless, and that although he doesn’t know any of the people he gave food to, he wants to help others.

This is a truly inspirational video, and it touched our hearts. Check it out, and be sure to share it with your friends and family, to show them that there’s more to people than what meets the eye.