Words of Wisdom From the Elderly


The generations that came before us have immeasurable wisdom to pass along, which is something that documentarian Fred Ligaard discovered when he conducted interviews with seniors from around the globe, as seen in the footage below.

Ligaard interviewed elderly people with a combined 3,500 years of life experience by taking to the streets of places like Oslo, Norway and Santa Barbara, CA to ask them the question of all questions: “If you could say one thing to younger people, what would that be?”

The resulting pearls of wisdom run the gamut of advice, honest truths, and inspiration. Ligaard encountered several boilerplate answers, such as not caring what others think of you, being honest, doing what you want, and remembering you should live while you can since life can change quickly, but he also received a number of poignant remarks, like always striving to be kind and making sure to care for others.

There are great pieces of advice from some amazing elders for viewers of all ages here, so share it with your family and friends to inspire them as well.