10 Holiday Party Topics That Will Have Guests Loving You


It’s that time of year again, which means awkward and uncomfortable gatherings/parties.

Before you get a little inebriated, you do have to actually make conversation. Here are some topics that will surely get the night off to a good start.

10. Weird Tattoos

Many people use tattoos as a form of expression, but where should the line be drawn between sharing one’s uniqueness and downright sharing too much? There are tons of terrible, laughable tattoos out there!

Once you’ve brought up your own personal story of spotting a weird tattoo, others will be quick to join in with their own. Even if you’ve never really encountered anything too out of the ordinary, a quick Google search of the topic will uncover some pretty weird stuff. For instance, have you seen that new trend of eye tattooing? Seriously, it’s a thing. Tongue tattoos? Yep, those are a thing too. These days, some people even tattoo their pets!

Obviously, use discretion with those who are abundantly tattooed themselves.