15 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life Quickly!


Everyone occasionally awakes to a day they’re less than thrilled about. If your disenchanted dawns seem to last for weeks on end, however, it might be time for a change. If you want to improve your mood, energy level, or attitude, why not begin at the break of day? Here are 15 habits to adopt in the morning that can yield helpful benefits quickly.

15. Wake Up Peacefully

If you’re waking up to a brash alarm clock or a dog howling to go out, you’re already off to a bad start. How you are roused from sleep sets the day’s tone for your mood.

Try using your phone’s alarm. There are usually several options, from soft ringtones to a gentle vibration, and placing it out of arm’s reach will force you out of bed. You can even mimic a sunrise with a special lighted alarm clock, while others diffuse more natural sounds, such as chirping birds or a babbling brook.

Try arising 20 minutes earlier than usual to avoid being disturbed by pets or loud neighbors. If you get up before the noise begins, you’ll have time to wake peacefully, instead of being jarred from sleep.