12 Traditions to Honor the True Spirit of the Holidays


The Christmas season is stressful for many; there’s lots of shopping to do, bills to pay, a house to decorate, and yummy food to make. Needless to say, things can get a little overwhelming. This article was designed to kick the ba-hum-bug out of you with a reminder of some good old-fashioned fun Christmas traditions.

12. Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking is something that can either be fun or completely stressful. The secret is to keep things simple and embrace the mess!

Don’t use recipes that require a long list of ingredients, and don’t cry over spilt milk (seriously)! Instead, focus on making baking a fun, creative project that the whole family can enjoy! This is where pre-made cookie dough can come in handy.

Simply slice, bake, and decorate. Many brands start rolling out special Christmas-style cookies in early December.

If you think pre-made cookie dough takes away from the fun, check out this from-scratch recipe as put together by an adorable 5-year-old. It’s simple, yet classic.

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