Cat and Boy Duel Over Laser Pointer


It’s not uncommon to see cats chasing laser pointers deviously operated by their playful owners all around the house. While watching this popular feline pastime can be very amusing, seeing a young boy joining in the battle for laser pointer supremacy just might be a new one for most viewers.

The below footage opens with a cute black cat chasing a laser pointer operated by her owner, but before long, the owner’s young son sees the fun that the cat is having and decides that he wants to get in on the game himself.

Child and kitty battle it out, following the laser around on the floor and up the walls of the living room. The boy cannot contain his excitement, as he laughs and shrieks with glee during this unique form of playtime. Each combatant seems closer and closer to catching the laser, only for it to ultimately elude their grasp each time.

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