Father and Son Steal the Show on Big Screen


This father-son duo sure know how to liven up the party during half-time at this basketball game!

During a break in the NCAA Final Four Championship game at the AT&T Stadium, the cameras take in the audience, who are enjoying Pharrell’s hit song “Happy,” and dancing in their seats. While scanning through the crowd, the cameramen happen upon a father and son who have some extremely smooth moves.

The pair are up on their feet, grooving to the music, in completely synchronized movements. After pausing on the pair for a second, the camera moves to some other people, yet it continues to come back to the two, who never stop dancing. The audience eventually gets into it, and starts cheering for their awesome moves.

After a few more back and forth shots of other audience members, the camera finally rests on the dynamic duo, who bust out some of their best dance moves. Now this is a family we’d like to party with!

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