Father of the Bride Surprises Her with an Elvis Presley Song


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable of your life, and the below footage features one wedding surprise that everyone gave a standing ovation, not to mention made one daughter very happy.

In it, John Butcher decides to surprise his daughter Natalie at her wedding by spending over 200 hours learning how to sing so that he can pull off a special performance for his little girl’s big day.

Following John’s speech, the DJ plays an old clip that introduces The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Then, to the surprise of the bride, groom, and all of the guests, John gets up to do his best Elvis approximation.

Singing the well-known hit “Always On My Mind,” John elicits a few chuckles at first, but these quickly turn to cheers of enthusiasm when the guests realize that John has perfected his chops and really knows how to belt out the famous tune. By the end, the crowd is on their feet, clapping and cheering John’s performance.

Watch it yourself, and then remember to share it with any fans of The King.