How to Handle Children at the Grocery Store


Every parent out there knows just how aptly children can obstruct the process of grocery shopping. After some experience, it looks like this father has figured out how to properly manage his two sons in the supermarket with minimal frustration.

Dad begins by giving the boys a firm lecture in the car before they even enter the building. He commands the kids to touch nothing and ask for nothing, because he does not want waste the entire day idling around the store!

He then reaffirms his points with the boys, who don’t seem very enthusiastic about these strict rules. Once inside the store, the chirpy chaps seem to quickly forget their dad’s instructions as they continually exhibit every behavior he has warned them to repress! But Dad is prepared, and he retorts each time with a clever quip or by interrupting the boys and cutting them right off at the pass.

Check out this video and perhaps learn a few tricks from the stellar dad, then share it with any parents who become anxious at the thought of taking their kids shopping!