One-Year-Old Adorably Talks Her Way Out of a Nap


It looks like Mom is going to have her hands full with this stubborn young polemicist!

At the tender age of one year old, Sierra has already been busted breaking the rules. When Mom enters the room to check on Sierra, who’s supposed to be napping, the little lady is found wide awake in her playpen, determined not to succumb to slumber.

“Are you supposed to be sleeping?” Mom asks.

“Yeah!” Sierra enthusiastically responds.

When Mom requests to see Sierra sleeping, the tenacious toddler brings her finger to her lips and remarks, “Oh…” like a contemplative adult. Even Mom can’t help but laugh at this mature gesture.

While Mom continues to advocate nap time, it’s obvious that Sierra isn’t interested in rest, judging by her glowing smile and playful demeanor. Sierra even tries her luck with pantomime, closing her eyes and lowering her head in an attempt to fool her mother, despite the fact that she’s still standing.

Check out this sweet child for a good laugh, and share the video with any friends who are always too busy to be bothered with an afternoon siesta.