10 Facts About Star Wars The Public Isn’t Supposed To Know


Star Wars is one the most famous movies of all time and has enjoyed immense popularity among fans of all ages for almost 40 years. The original movie provided audiences with just about every emotion imaginable and spawned five sequels to date (with more on the way as soon as December 2015), to go along with countless books, toys, cartoons, comics, and more. As a result, keeping all of the behind-the-scenes facts secret for almost four decades has been a nearly impossible task. This means that some very interesting information has leaked over the years, including the following 10 facts about Star Wars that the public isn’t supposed to know.

10. Harrison Ford Was Cast as Han Solo by Accident

Not only is Han Solo one of the most popular characters in film history, but the role launched the career of one of the most popular actors of the 20th century, as it made Harrison Ford a household name.

Star Wars creator George Lucas wanted an unknown face for the part of Han Solo, and Ford’s most prominent role prior to shooting Star Wars had been in Lucas’s 1973 film, American Graffiti. In attempting to cast the role, Lucas tested dozens of actors for the part, including Kurt Russell.

Ford was initially brought in to feed lines to other actors, but Lucas liked his delivery so much that he eventually relented and gave the part of Han Solo to Ford, with the rest becoming, as they say, history.

 Jounral Dugeek
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