Baby Raccoon Cools Down at Backyard Water Bowl


Most people don’t really care for raccoon’s. They’re known for going through garbage in the suburbs, making a huge mess, and being a general nuisance. But this video might change your mind a little, after you see this baby raccoon visiting a water bowl for a cool down during the summer.

In the hot summer months, this family puts a plastic water bowl out for the raccoon’s so they can enjoy a drink and cool down. This little raccoon is having a great time doing just that. He puts his little paws into the water to wash up and enjoy a drink. It may not seem so sanitary to use the water for both washing and drinking, what choice does the baby racoon have?

It’s also surprising to see this young raccoon out in the middle of the day since they’re nocturnal. Nonetheless, this little guy is having a great time, enjoying the water and the lovely summer day.

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