Dance Performance Turns Into Surprise Proposal


Marriage proposals continue to become more and more elaborate, as people are now filming them to post online. It seems like we see a new surprise proposal circulating online at least once a week now! Here’s a very cute proposal, that was a total surprise to everyone involved.

The video starts out with a nattily-dressed young man dancing to ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James, at the┬áBeijing Swing time Ball 2014. He shows off some of his moves, and then he appears to randomly pick an unsuspecting audience member to join him on the dance floor. He seats her in the chair, and covers her eyes, as the music changes to… ‘Marry Me’ by Bruno Mars (this song has quickly become the marriage proposal go-to song choice). The audience immediately breaks into cheers when they realize what’s going on, and they only grow louder as they see the boyfriend approaching, with a bouquet of flowers. You can probably figure out where it goes from here.

What are some of the far-out proposal videos you’ve seen? How does this one compare? If you have a story, we’d love to hear about it.