Denmark Brimming With Holiday Cheer


Here’s a scene that will surely put you in the right holiday mood! Check out Denmark and its amazing displays of Christmas lights.

In this video, courtesy of Reuters, the town of Copenhagen is aglow with glimmering lights. An amusement park is completely taken over by incandescence to kick off the season, complementing the Danish tradition of hot wine.

According to one of the workers at the tea house, they normally sell approximately 2,200 liters of the detectable, steamy libation during the yuletide!

Also part of the tradition are 11,000 Christmas trees, 30,000 ornaments, and way too many lights to count; this incredible show is just a small taste of what Denmark has to offer for the holidays. Plus, owing to its northern latitude, Denmark experiences less sunlight during the Christmas season than many other European locales, leaving more opportunities to enjoy the graceful, twinkling splendor.

Revel in this video to boost your spirits, and be sure to share it with any friends who could use a little holiday cheer!