Lion Casually Opens Car Door to a Family’s Surprise


There’s nothing like family vacations to create memories that can last a lifetime, which is something that one family in particular learns while on a safari trip to Africa.

In the footage below, the vacationing family visits a pride of lions in a lion park to enjoy the serene beauty of these magnificent creatures. What they don’t expect is that one of the female lions decides to come over to the car to get a closer look at everyone. Although someone in the car tells Dad to move on, he apparently doesn’t go far enough. Suddenly, curiosity seems to get the best of one of the cats, and she uses her mouth to open the car door from the outside.

The family is obviously shocked and surprised with several screams ensuing, and their reaction is likely what helps prevent the lion from proceeding any further. They then wisely tell Dad to lock the doors with one family member remarking, “Boy, will you have a story to tell!”

As you watch the footage, be thankful that the lion only opened the car door. Then remember to share this with anyone who might’ve had a hair-raising vacation of their own in the past.