One Man’s Mission of Kindness Takes Him Around the World


Leon Logothetis set out on an incredible journey to circumnavigate the globe on a vintage motorbike fueled by kindness. In this video, he shares his journey, and the amazing results it sparked.

His journey was meant to explore the world, but he ended up learning much about the human condition, and our place on earth. While visiting different countries around the world, he learned some important lessons that he shares with everyone in this video.

His great journey began with only his motorbike, but he ended up seeing so much more. Leon found that there is always light in the world, that there is more that keeps us all together than that takes us apart, and that it only takes one person to start a wave of kindess.

Sometimes the greatest journeys begin with the smallest acts of kindness. Share this with your friends to inspire your own acts of kindness.