Photographer Captures Stunning Time-Lapse Images of Earth


Enrique Pacheco is a cinematographer who specializes in travel, and in the stunning footage below that features some of his images, he shares his inspiring experiences from around the globe.

In a clip titled “Inspiration,” Pacheco tells us that he was always inspired by his father and is constantly searching for his next project. As he does, he asks, “Is there a better way to inspire someone creative than by being creative yourself?”

What follows is a series of amazing time-lapse photographs edited together to look like slow-motion video that highlights some of the amazing sights Pacheco has seen in his travels. He states that he’s traveled to the edge of the world in order to capture some of the beauty of our planet.

Beautifully blue and stunning skies filled with stars abound, in addition to captivating shots of trees, plants, and other wonders that nature has to offer. Pacheco says that his goal is to capture the wild and fragile connection we share with Earth.

Check out this stunning clip for yourself, one that is likely to leave you in awe.