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Mic Drop! 7 Nice Comebacks To Say To Rude People

It is no secret that life has its ups and downs. It is normal. There are some people, however, who dwell more on the bad things, always seem angry, and constantly look for conflict. Life may be difficult most of the time, but this is not a good reason to be unkind. You will meet a few rude people at some point and they can say something offensive. If you are always the one who is walking away, perhaps it is time to strike back next time, but in a good way. Here are some witty comebacks that will leave those mean people speechless:

“I Hope Your Day Will Be As Nice As You Are”

Everyone deals with online trolls at one point or another. Some people will set off your temper, but you do not have to stoop to their level. You are just going to waste your time with those online trolls, the best way to deal with them is to block them immediately. You do not have to explain yourself to others. You get to decide how to react in any negative situation, so keep your thoughts positive and choose silence. Blocking rude people on social media will make them realize that you will not allow their harmful words to ruin your day.

“Let Us Continue This Over Email”

Every office has bullies: the gossip girl, the bitter co-worker, the credit-stealer or the underminer. Instead of arguing with one, just always say you are busy and tell them to email what they want from you. Some employees tend to be straight to the point on email: either they want to comment negatively on a certain project you handled or they want to discourage you for trying to get that promotion. Complimenting you for your new hairstyle or wardrobe rarely comes up. It is best to avoid people who might damage your reputation at work. Do not deal with rudeness with disrespect. How you handle an insulting remark says as much about your character as that bad-mannered co-worker ticking you off.

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