An Exclusive Look Inside Trumps Secret Plans To Build A Mega Yacth – WaitUp

An Exclusive Look Inside Trumps Secret Plans To Build A Mega Yacth

With President Trump in the spotlight constantly, we are learning quickly about what Donald Trump holds true to his word, and what he backs out on when it comes to his promises and commitments. One thing is for sure, President Trump hasn’t changed one bit. In 1993, Celebrity and businessman Donald Trump commissioned a Spanish firm to design the largest and most beautiful yacht in the world.

Trump Commissions Spanish Firm To Design YUGEST And Most Luxurious Yacht Ever Built

Donald J. Trump Stands With Spanish Design Team (Jamie Oliver left of Donald Trump) in 1993

Jamie Oliver Designs

Oliver Design was the Spain based company Trump had sought out after as the number one candidate to design and build his over the top Yacht. Over the initial months, lead designer Jaime Oliver and his son IÒigo built up a close personal relationship with Donald Trump, getting to know him on a personal level to ensure his extra high standards for the yacht can be met.

Donald J. Trump stands together with team Oliver Designs as they worked on the conceptual design of the astonishing Trump Princess yacht. From the first sketches through to the completed blueprints. The company was paid $170,000 to design the world class 420-foot luxury vessel. Unfortunately, the project was eventually abandoned by Trump at a time when several of his hotels and casinos had filed for bankruptcy.

Yuge Designs For Trump's Yatch

In a short few months Oliver Designs had a conceptual design (below) of the Trump Princess, from the first sketches through to the completed blueprints were all finished

Jamie Oliver Designs

Oliver Design, the Spain based company who recently celebrated their 25th anniversary was still a small unknown business at the time, and they had made a bold move by setting up its pitch at one of the world's leading shipping fairs, the Florida Boat Show. At the show, to the surprise and astonishment of the firm’s founder, Jaime Oliver, they were visited by Donald Trump’s personal assistant about the possibility of Trump commissioning the firm for a project in the near future. A spokesman for Oliver Design confirmed rumors saying: ‘It transpired that the real estate mogul had had a private viewing of the exhibition and out of all the exhibitors, had picked Oliver Design as the best candidate to design his new yacht.’

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