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Making America Great Again One Babe At A Time

@BabesForTrump is a Twitter account that gained significant traction during the most recent presidential campaigns, with a total following of 6,000 people and counting. The account features scantily dressed women promoting the then-GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Despite Trump’s gaffes on the campaign trail that lost him a number of crucial female voters, there are still hundreds of beautiful women pictured on the Twitter account wearing skimpy Trump campaign clothes. From covering their nipples with Trump stickers to wearing a bikini with his campaign slogans, these women have stopped at nothing. Some of them even had Trump tattoos inscribed on their bodies! So, naturally, four male students created an Instagram account to complement their already popular Twitter account.

8. The Bigger Picture

Daily Mail

The co-founders of the Twitter account could not pin down any reason why these women were supporting Trump, but they reckon that the women were looking at the bigger picture, rather than Trump’s questionable views about women. They were also baffled to see so many college women willing to show a little skin in support of the Trump campaign! The men told Huffington Post that they believed this was because some people have the ability to look beyond trivialities and align to the policies the presidential candidate was formulating. The Trump campaign never commented on @BabesForTrump, and the account owners claimed they were not affiliated with @realDonaldTrump at all.

7. The @BabesForTrump Bio

Daily Mail

The @BabesForTrump Bio on their Twitter page reads: ‘Making America Great Again One Babe At A Time.' Among the hashtags found on the site; #bootybootybooty, #babesfortrump, #trump2016, #bootypics, and #trumpgirls. Some of the photos on the account have no mention of Trump or the Trump campaign at all. However, other women directly promote the Trump campaigns with captions such as ‘…#BabesForTrump head to our IG for more Babes’. Another caption reads ‘Donald and Chill. #BabesForTrump’ and is accompanied by a picture of a woman with her pants around her knees, with a man sitting at the edge of her bed and Trump on the TV in the background.

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