Exclusive: The First Lady Reveals Herself In Stunning NUDE Photographs – WaitUp

Exclusive: The First Lady Reveals Herself In Stunning NUDE Photographs

Melanie Trump is a refreshing twist from the laid back first ladies the US is accustomed to. In some circles, she is already being likened to Jackie Kennedy in terms of poise and sophistication. The 45-year old first lady was born in Slovenia and speaks 4 languages including English, German, French and Slovenian. She studied art and architecture and was a successful model long before she met and married Donald Trump, the billionaire turned politician.

12. Melania, The Politician’s Wife

The elegant Melania with her husband, Donald Trump

Melania was the rock that her husband, Donald Trump, relied upon to ride his GOP polls during his quest to become the President of the United States. She started to campaign for her husband back in August 2016 and perhaps due to her career as a model, Melania was very confident. A Hollywood reporter has recently described her as a ‘stylish first lady with heart’. Back in 1999 when her real estate mogul husband first considered running for president, Melania was asked what sort of role she would play should her husband become president. And her answer was coy, “I would be a traditional first lady. Just like Jackie Kennedy or Betty Ford.”

11. What Experts Say About Her

On the beach with Melania

According to Pamela Keogh, a Jacqueline Kennedy Authority, and Carl Sferrazza Anthony, a first lady expert; Melania Trump shares iconic similarities with Jackie Kennedy. “She is discreet, keeps to herself and is smart”, says Pamela. “She will be an awesome first lady. She’s got style and presence and she’s got no ambition of her own. Like Jackie, she’ll keep a low profile even as she lets Donald shine.” She continues, “Melania is educated, glamorous and beautiful. She is not the made-up, plastic beauty but an authentic beauty. The fact that she wore a $200,000 gown for her wedding is poised to revive interest in fashion.” All over DC, commentators are saying the new first lady will bring glamor and sophistication, perhaps even more than Jackie Kennedy did while others think that her European roots will help foster better relations with Europe.

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